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Circle Diagram Prezi

Circle diagram infographics Prezi template with process animation. The concept with eight options, parts, steps [...]

Logistics – Prezi Presentation Template

3D Best Presentation template for a logistics/transport/delivery related presentation.A 3D laptop with scattered cardboard boxes, [...]

World Statistics Prezi presentation

Use this template for global business, geographical topics, statistics, analytics. Present worldwide statistics and data. [...]

Career Plan Prezi

Prezi template for career planning or medical topic. Female hand is drawing cycles, hierarchy, charts [...]

See and Think

See and Think Colorful Prezi Template with an eye symbol on a blue background. Zoom [...]

Tree of life

Tree of life is made from colorful semi-transparent circles and vector based elements with 3D background of [...]

Perfect Game – Prezi Presentation Template

Prezi presentation with a bowling strike concept.3D bowling pins and a white 3D ball/sphere as [...]

World Map Infographic Prezi

Prezi Template with a world map and infographic. Template for a variety of topics including [...]

Round Table – Prezi Presentation Template

Round Table with yellow and black colors. 3D white background with Leather Living Room Chairs arranged in [...]

Phone Call prezi presentation

Old black Retro telephone on the light wood table for contact in front a background [...]

Data Center prezi presentation template

Corporate design Template with modern Data center room background image and colourful infographics wheel in [...]

Water bubble Prezi template

Prezi Template with the concept of water bubble. Good for statistics about water, nature or [...]

Fresh Ideas Prezi

Fresh Ideas Prezi presentation template. Fresh ideas Prezi template is from images of isolated green [...]

Travel Agency prezi presentation template

Designed especially for travel and holiday topics and is recommended for travel agencies, tourism companies, [...]

Digital fingerprint prezi presentation

Prezi template has a digital security system concept with big red thumb fingerprint for granting [...]

Diffusion of Innovation Diagram – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with the diagram of the popular Diffusion of Ideas curve.Show how people adapt [...]

Networking Prezi

Networking and communication concept. Good for topics like Networking, relations, connections.

Party Prezi template

Prezi Presentation template for party events, especially on special days like valentine’s day, birthday etc. [...]

Listen – Prezi Presentation Template

Listen Excellent Presentation template has a concept of music or a sound listening where a [...]

Focus – Prezi Presentation Template

Simple and colorful 3D circle with a shutter style layout.Good template for a photography related [...]

Circle template bundle – Prezi Presentation Template

More than $50 worth of templates for only $25Save money by downloading the most popular [...]

Globe prezi template

Close-up of a girl’s hands holding together and a shining globe is floating in the [...]

Circle template bundle prezi

Video from Circle template bundle. More than $50 worth of templates for only $25 Save [...]

Smart Home prezi presentation template

Prezi template Smart home is designed for home security, home automation system. Template has a [...]

Sunny Afternoon Prezi

Photo Gallery on a Sunny Afternoon Prezi template. A beautiful display of your images gently [...]

People prezi presentation

World of people’s Prezi template includes multiple businesswomen and businessman small dark silhouettes arranged in [...]

Notes prezi presentation

Stylish workspace on a home studio with a computer monitor and semi-transparent sticky notes to [...]

Green Energy prezi presentation

Green energy Prezi template can help demonstrate the importance of getting an alternative source of [...]

Action Plan prezi presentation

A businessman is looking at the business sketches on the wall for making an action [...]

Presentation Tips – Prezi Presentation Template

How to be a better presenter? Share your tips with this Excellent Presentation template.A presentation [...]