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Digital Marketing Prezi

Digital marketing concept with a megaphone surrounded by message bubbles.

City skyline template

Prezi Template with the city skyline. Illustration. blue city skyline city template blue,city template prezi,city [...]

Yearbook prezi presentation

Use this template to create yearbook or photo album. Highlight and commemorate the past year [...]

Assembly Prezi

3D Building blocks with social content-sharing icons Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus, Pinterest, Youtube, Vimeo, [...]

Successful Marketing Plan Prezi

Successful Marketing Plan. Colorful simple bar graph with 3D background.

Colorful Squares Prezi

Colorful Squares grey background, storytelling concept.

World Map Infographic Prezi

Prezi Template with a world map and infographic. Template for a variety of topics including [...]

Infographic Report Prezi

Infographic report Prezi template made from lines, circles, vector world map background.

Water bubble Prezi template

Prezi Template with the concept of water bubble. Good for statistics about water, nature or [...]

Girl holding a globe Prezi template

Girl holding a vector world. Transportation, logistics and global business. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE

Video Presentation Prezi

Universal colourful Prezi template with tv screens and transparent circles. Prezi with animation and 3D [...]

Travel Plan Prezi

Downtown scenery illustration in flat design style with shadows, 8 shape road and loop car [...]

Move mountains Prezi

Prezi template with mountain polygon shape. Vector based zoom and quality remain. The concept of [...]

Thermometer Progress Bar – Prezi Presentation Template

A simple and creative thermometer progress chart. Show the completion of your project.Zoom into the [...]

Networking Prezi

Networking and communication concept. Good for topics like Networking, relations, connections.

Party Prezi template

Prezi Presentation template for party events, especially on special days like valentine’s day, birthday etc. [...]

Colorful Network – Prezi Presentation Template

Simple and multipurpose Excellent Presentation template with a colorful network concept.Colorful square frames on a [...]

Focus – Prezi Presentation Template

Simple and colorful 3D circle with a shutter style layout.Good template for a photography related [...]

Choice prezi template

Young businesswoman with glasses is holding imaginary futuristic shape made from semi-transparent circles on her [...]

World presentation

Girl holding a world. Transportation, logistics and global business.

Gallery 3D prezi presentation

Prezi template with modern and elegant 3D photo frames in the art gallery. 3D looking [...]

Investigate prezi template

A woman with a white shirt is holding a hand like investigating a case, researching [...]

Shopping Bag Prezi

Big sale shopping bag Prezi template with vector illustration of bag pattern made up of [...]

Layered Ideas – Prezi Presentation Template

A Simple and colorful Excellent Presentation template with hexagon frames.Zoom deep into the frames and [...]

Circles Prezi template

Circles Prezi template Multiple circles arranged on a circle. Colorful circles in motion. Universal template. [...]

Car Presentation Prezi

Template has a really stylish car in a garage and this seemed to be a [...]

Brain and neurons prezi template

Prezi topic about neurons, brain, thinking. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE

Circle Network – Prezi Presentation Template

A simple and infographic network style Excellent Presentation template.Gray circular elements forming a snowflake shape, [...]

Blackboard game presentation template

Creative Prezi template with blackboard presented a game using different elements and texts. Blackboard, chalk [...]

Gears Prezi

Prezi template with animated gears. Concept of increase the speed. For example animated rotating gears [...]