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Social Elements – Prezi Presentation Template

Social elements Excellent Presentation template has social share icons, speech bubbles, circles.It is a Excellent Presentation [...]

Grow and Improve – Prezi Presentation Template

Small plant growing. Business growth concept Excellent Presentation template.

Timeline Infographics – Prezi Presentation Template

Timeline infographics Excellent Presentation template with infographic concept – timeline steps, years and events.Simple and [...]

City skyline template

Prezi Template with the city skyline. Illustration. blue city skyline city template blue,city template prezi,city [...]

Digital fingerprint – Prezi Presentation Template

Digital fingerprint Excellent Presentation templateExcellent Presentation template has a digital security system concept with big [...]

Circle Infographics – Prezi Presentation Template

Circle infographics Excellent Presentation template is made from vector circle elements for the infographic.It can [...]

Infographic Report – Prezi Presentation Template

Infographic report Excellent Presentation template made from lines, circles, vector world map background.

Water bubble Prezi template

Prezi Template with the concept of water bubble. Good for statistics about water, nature or [...]

Infographic with Pinned Notes – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with the concept of the infographic and pinned notes.Creative template to present infographic [...]

Girl holding a globe Prezi template

Girl holding a vector world. Transportation, logistics and global business. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE

Make Waves – Prezi Presentation Template

Make Waves Excellent Presentation template is  Excellent Presentation template with make waves concept.Colorful Template with [...]

Photoshoot Prezi template

Camera photo lens and picture frames appearing with 3D photo frames background. aiming, black, camera, [...]

Party Prezi template

Prezi Presentation template for party events, especially on special days like valentine’s day, birthday etc. [...]

Smart Rings – Prezi Presentation Template

Excellent Presentation template with a hand holding a black iPhone on a blue background.Good prezi [...]

World presentation

Girl holding a world. Transportation, logistics and global business.

Simple Layout – Prezi Presentation Template

Simple LayoutThe modern colorful user interfaces simple layout in flat design with semi-transparent colorful squares [...]

Circle Diagram Infographics – Prezi Presentation Template

Circle diagram infographics Excellent Presentation template with process animation.The concept with eight options, parts, steps [...]

Industrial Business – Prezi Presentation Template

Industrial Business – Excellent Presentation templatePrezi has multiple transparent placeholders, separate elements and light rectangle [...]

Future Technology – Prezi Presentation Template

Future Technology circle infinite zoom diagram, black and white theme, 3D technology background. Use it for [...]

Circles Prezi template

Circles Prezi template Multiple circles arranged on a circle. Colorful circles in motion. Universal template. [...]

Innovative Clock – Prezi Presentation Template

Prezi Template with a blue/cyan alarm clock on a table concept. Present about time, create [...]

Brain and neurons prezi template

Prezi topic about neurons, brain, thinking. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE

Travel and holiday Agency presentation template

travel and holiday topics and is recommended for travel agencies, tourism companies, flight companies. Prezi [...]

Blackboard game presentation template

Creative Prezi template with blackboard presented a game using different elements and texts. Blackboard, chalk [...]

Car Presentation – Prezi Presentation Template

Car presentation Excellent Presentation template has a dark style, clean and neat.Template has a really [...]

Idea Generator – Prezi Presentation Template

Prezi Template for showing off your creative ideas or brainstorming new ones. Blue/gray themed template [...]

Trends and fashion presentation template

Prezi Template for trends, fashion, life, dreams. Abstract design with 3D background. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION TEMPLATE

Kids Room – Prezi Presentation Template

Kids Room Prezi Template. Ideal for teaching or telling story in schools and kindergartens. Template [...]

Squares Prezi template

Prezi template with colorful squares for business presentation. Use square in the center for company [...]

Make Waves Prezi template

Colorful Template with 3D look. Ideal template for a text. Duplicate squares to have more [...]