Business Landscape – Prezi Next Template


Just like in the forest, it’s tough competition in the business landscape. If you’re business doesn’t shine and outpace the competitors, you will be eaten alive! A creative business and marketing related Prezi presentation template with a 3D concept. A Macbook laptop and a city landscape popping out of of it with tall buildings. Illustrate the concept of busy business life in the urban city environment. A businessman and woman standing in front of the laptop (images can be moved or deleted) Zoom into the topic squares and insert your own content. Make a presentation about a starting a business, running a company or launching a startup. With this template, your idea will stand out! Use the example demo content and quotes to illustrate your messages.


Are you a gardener? If you’re an entrepreneur, then you just might as well be considered as one in the business landscape! A creative presentation template with a laptop, urban city environment popping out from the screen and a businessman and businesswoman looking over at the screen. A great template for illustrating the concept of digital business and growing a company into new heights. Template is filled with plenty of example slides and demo content for you to reuse. Use the example elements and add your own slides.

+ Business Landscape PowerPoint Template Included:


A PowerPoint version of the Business Landscape Prezi template is included with the purchase. The PPT version features the same title slide layout and 2 alternative slide designs for the content. The first with a small laptop on the right side header and the second with a larger laptop graphic on the left. Make your business topic come alive with this 3D template.