Celebration – Prezi Next Template


It’s party time! A 3D Prezi presentation template with colorful balloons on a wood stage. A creative template for creating on online invitation for a birthday, wedding or any other type of party. Template features interesting transition effects, with each balloon staying as your slide background while zooming in. Change the title on the balloon and zoom in to present your content about that topic. Create an amusing online invitation to your event or make a fun presentation on a party topic.


The template starts with an overview of colorful balloons and flying confetti on a wood stage background. Add your presentation title in the middle onto a red ribbon. A great template for making an online birthday party invitation or greeting card. All the balloons are separated design elements, so you can easily move them around and change the presentation layout. Duplicate the balloons to create more topic placeholders for your slides.

Colorful balloons usually mean a happy celebration event… I mean I haven’t seen anybody bringing balloons to the funeral? So if you’ve got some happy news to share, and need a Prezi template for the occasion, then this is your way to go! Just make sure you don’t do too much helium!