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Working on a desktop computer or an iMac? I remember when I first saw an iMac and thought where the hell did they hide the computer itself? Anyway…this is the perfect template for showcasing your graphic design work or portfolio. A beautiful office desk scene with a monitor and colorful rectangles as topic covers on the screen. Upload your own square shaped images to illustrate your creative project or use the default pictures. Introduce your company, business idea or a creative process in the making.


The presentation starts with an overview of an iMac monitor on a bright home office work desk scene. The screen features a colorful layout mixed with images and colorful squares with white topic titles. Advance the presentation by zooming into the colorful squares. You can easily rearrange the squares and change color of each of the pieces individually.

This presentation is perfect for graphic designers or creative artists for showcasing their work with a bright and professional template. The template also includes many example slide layouts: intro slide, content slide with text and images, timeline, bar graph, portfolio image gallery, vector world map, team slide and contact page. Customize the example design elements or replace these slides with your own content to make a more unique presentation. Showcase your graphic design work or website design portfolio, as a large monitor on a desk makes it clearly understandable we are dealing with an IT professional 🙂