Green Tech – Prezi Next Template


Many people hope that green technologies will save the world, do you believe them? A 3D Prezi presentation template for presenting about biotech, renewable energy and other “green” technologies. A large grass sphere with motherboard/chip elements and green infographic style topic circles around it. Zoom into the green circles and presentation your content about sustainability and innovation in this sector. Talk about futuristic concepts like nanotechnology and biotech or more common areas like wind and solar energy.


Climate warming is one of the hottest topics of this century and the so called “Green Technologies” will try to solve the problem. So what exactly is green technology? Well it can be anything that helps to produce renewable energy or solve a waste problem and helps to keep our planet clean. This presentation template, which is available for both PowerPoint and Prezi, uses a 3D concept with a grass sphere which has a computer technology and microchip pattern on it. A futuristic and multipurpose template which can be used to present about any green technology related topic.

The overview slide includes a placeholder for the title and subtitle of your presentation in the middle of the sphere. The topic titles are around the grass sphere in an infographic style and are connected to the main sphere with lines. The template has a light background with a little bit of sky and computer motherboard design elements shining through. The slide and topic backgrounds are all green with a little bit of the same motherboard pattern visible. Easily replace the background image with a solid color or your own picture.

Use the template for various green topics, for example renewable energy sources, nanotechnology, biotech, vertical farming, composting. The green technology template (Prezi version) includes many example slides with motivating quotes, and design examples. Feel free to reuse these ideas or replace the entire template with your own content.

+ Green Technology PowerPoint Template Included:


PowerPoint PPT version of the green technology presentation template is included in the purchase. A green robotic grass sphere with a technology and motherboard pattern. 16:9 slide ratio with 2 alternative design layouts included. So hide your lawn mower, because this kind of green revolution cannot be stopped, it will only grow further!