Idea Speedometer – Prezi Next Template


How do you measure the effect of your ideas? How do you go from zero to one? Make your ideas stand out with zoomable speedometer themed colorful diagram Prezi presentation template. A colorful gauge on a dark background (change the background color with click) Zoom into each of the 6 speedometer elements and present your ideas. You can also rotate the needle so it would point at a different topic. A great presentation template for making a mind map diagram or visually showing the development of your idea or project.


Insert your own presentation title beneath the speedometer and make a creative presentation combing ideas and speed. The template features a 6-piece diagram with a colorful green to red gauge symbol. The color scheme and the 6-piece design of the layout is fixed, however you can zoom into each of the blocks and add any number of slides or pages inside the topics. Ideas need to move fast, so hit the pedal to the metal… or in this case the button to the mouse plastic.