Road Timeline – Prezi Next Template


Years fly by like days… make a presentation using this minimalistic 3D Prezi next template with a curved road on a sky background. Present about the past, present and future plans. A simple concept that illustrates that time is not only linear – add your journey on a curved road. Customize the colors of the topics to make the template more suitable for your project.


The presentation starts with an overview of the road on a sky background and includes a text placeholder for your title and subtitle. Advance by zooming into the colorful circles to present your content. Add as many topics as you need to create your timeline. Change the color of each content circle and resize if necessary. You can also replace the sky and clouds background with your own image or color.  Did you notice? It seems this template is only suitable for countries where people drive on the right side of the road? 😀 just kidding… a timeline doesn’t always mean going forward, you can also tell stories about going back in time.