Business Strategy – Prezi Next Template


What is your business strategy and when are you making your next move? A 3D Prezi presentation Template with a strategic thinking and planning concept. A chess board theme with black and white squares for topic placeholders. Make a presentation about business planning, management, startup ideas… or actually present about the game of chess! Add more squares to insert more topics and customize the background color to suit your branding style.


The template starts with an overview of 3D flying chess pieces on the foreground and a blurred board on the background. The overview slide also includes a large text placeholder for your chess themed presentation in the middle of the board and black and white topic squares around it. The elements on the foreground and blurred background elements give the template a nice 3D depth effect. Easily rearrange the layout of the template by moving around the foreground elements: you can change the position of the flying chess pieces and edit the background color with 1 click.

Did you know that the number of possibilities of a Knight’s tour is over 122 million? That’s a lot of moves to think ahead and just like in business, you sometimes just have to make bold moves! So whatever the strategy for your game is make sure you Checkmate your opponents! Whether it’s on the chessboard or on the business landscape, competition always makes you move!