Around a Topic — Prezi Next Template


This presentation template was made for people who fancy infographics and business topics. A professional Prezi Template with a round and colorful circle diagram design concept on a world map background. Make a creative business or company report, visualize data, generate a mind map full of ideas or talk about politics and international relations, there are no limits here.

Divide the presentation into clear sections using the predefined colors – just like a pie chart, add numbers, letters or symbols and then zoom into the content. Move the lines/circles and create more placeholders for content slides. The template includes various example demo slides which illustrate the potential use of the template. NB: the circle is divided into 5 colorful sections, so the presentation is best suited for a topic focusing on 5 different areas. It is not possible to edit the shape or color of the circle, however you can easily replace the icons illustrating the circle.


The presentation starts with an overview of the whole template. This is a great spot, for example adding your own logo in the middle of the circle. Advance the presentation by starting to move around the circle in a natural and clockwise motion.  The template takes use of the zooming interface however it limits the amount of rotating as commonly seen in many Prezi presentation. If you want to stay professional, but still make a creative pitch, then this template is the way to go.