Creative Zone — Prezi Next Template


There’s a popular saying in the presentation business, it goes something like this: if your idea is different, why is your presentation the same? It just illustrates that while many people might have brilliant ideas, they could simply fade away behind dull bullet points. That’s why we’ve created this simple yet powerful Prezi presentation template with colorful semi-transparent circles on a grey 3D background. The simple concept makes it very easy to move or delete the circles in order to create a unique layout for your presentation.

A universal presentation template for various topics including business, school, education or other creative projects in the design field. Add letters or symbolic icons inside the bubbles to create a thematic Prezi for any presentation topic. Default colors included: green, blue, orange, purple, teal, grey, red, yellow.

Multipurpose template suitable for literally any topic – it isn’t the most popular template on for no reason! Use it for a personal presentation and create mind maps, project overviews or introduce yourself, especially if you work in the graphic design sector. Many people also use it for business presentations and introduce their company, service and projects. There really are no limits here, as the name suggests, it is the Creative Zone of fresh ideas. Pick a colorful location, and zoom in for your content slides!

+ Creative Zone PowerPoint Template Included:


A PowerPoint version of the Creative Zone Prezi template is included in the purchase. The PPT version uses PowerPoint Morph and Zoom effects which almost 100% replicate the Prezi effect in PowerPoint. Don’t believe me? Just watch this example demo video of the PowerPoint version. So you can simply fill in the content on the slides, and PowerPoint will automatically zoom in on the right spot. In case you’re not subscribed to Office 365, then the template will just play with the colorful circles as static backgrounds without animated transitions.