Social Mobile — Prezi Next Template


Are you one of those people that can’t remember how many social media accounts they have? If you have more than 5, then you probably use them for reasons other than just posting pictures of your cat and you might be interested in this presentation template – a social media themed Prezi Template with a black iPhone smartphone on a blue background surrounded by flying 3D social media icons.

Great template for presenting anything related with social media marketing, online communication and instant messaging or SEO and backlinks. Rearrange or duplicate the chat bubble shaped boxes to add more placeholders for your content or zoom in and add your content anywhere else on the canvas. The templates features a smooth 3D background effect while you move from one slide to another which adds an interesting and eye-catching transition effect.

With the recent developments in data protection and copyright laws, especially in the European Union, this template is perfect for presenting about online communication methods like messenger and wechat, online relationships, sharing private data, viral marketing, social media and instagram influencers, smartphone addiction, internet safety, or even the development of 5G telecom systems to cure the problem that everyone is hogging the internet bandwidth with their Netflix accounts 🙂


The Social Mobile template starts with a zoomed in slide view on one of the chat bubbles. This is a great spot for adding the title and subtitle of your presentation and making a small introduction to the topic. Advance the presentation by zooming out and revealing the big picture – the entire presentation is a chat conversation on a mobile smartphone screen. Add more chat boxes by duplicating the existing ones and create more placeholders for your slides. Note: the social media icons are one single design element and cannot be moved separately.

+ Social Media PowerPoint PPT Template Included:


A PowerPoint version of the Social Media Mobile Prezi template is included with the purchase. The PPT version includes the same design solution with 2 alternative design layouts. The first with white background and blue header and the second with all blue background and large iPhone graphic on the right. The PowerPoint version is a great backup plan for situations where a Prezi presentation is out of consideration but you still need the same design solution. So let’s make a deal – if you have more followers on your Facebook page than we do, you’ll receive this Prezi and PPT template for free 🙂