Time to Explain — Prezi Next Template


A good presentation doesn’t sleep… it gets views around the clock! Make a creative presentation with this Prezi template featuring a colorful circle diagram and a clock concept in the middle on a world map background. A great infographic Prezi for explaining topics which are also somehow related with time and deadlines. Introduce your project, show the different parts of a company or just pitch creative business ideas and talk about a cycle or a circular process.

Zoom into the colorful areas, add the symbols you need and insert your content. The template features 8 predefined color schemes: blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange, red, green and teal. You can also customize the layout by deleting the clock elements and adding your own background image or logo in the middle. Use the Prezi insert menu to find suitable icons for your presentation topic, or simply replace the symbols with short text titles or numbers which illustrate the circular process.


Simple and minimalistic circle process diagram template with 8 colorful layouts for different topics: suitable for a professional business or simple personal presentation. Talk about project deadlines, events, make a timeline or create an infographic circle design. Illustrates the relationships between different components and how they make up the whole process. A professional presentation layout which still uses the creative Prezi unlimited canvas effect. Pan and move around the topics and advance the presentation at a clockwise direction, without making your audience dizzy in a smooth flow.